Thursday, March 15, 2012

today's reason I hate capitalism, or whining about Paypal and the phone company

One of Emma's favorite movies is The President's Analyst. After spending half an hour on the phone with Centurylink, I think it's ripe for a remake.

Also, rather than let me withdraw my money, Paypal wants to confirm my address by making an automated call to me at a landline phone. Excuse me, what century is this? I called their help center and was told the wait would be over five minutes, so I sent them email. An email bot sent back a response that was useless, so I replied, repeating myself more tersely. Maybe a human will get involved eventually.

Incidentally, the biggest reason there isn't enough work for everyone today? Automation, which would be creating paradise on Earth if the wealth was shared, but is currently only another way to make the rich richer. You don't hear much about that anymore because capitalists want you to blame foreign workers.

Here endeth the grump session.

To close on a happy note: Emma and I are taking the light rail shortly to hear Celtic bands. Yay, light rail and Celtic bands! This would only be better if the Celtic bands were playing on the train.

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