Wednesday, April 18, 2012

our taxes

Emma and I paid $327 in income taxes because we made a little under $7000 US last year. Some people think that makes us freeloaders, but I disagree. One argument is that paying less than others is the American way: after all, the richest 400 Americans pay a lower tax rate than the next 1,399,600 or so. But I think this is the better argument:

Those who have more should pay for their privilege. In a fair world, taxes would be paid by the richer 50%. Those who get more should give more, but without the law to force them, the rich share less of what they have than the poor do. One example:

Of course, the current US tax rates may be the best illustration of the greed of the rich. It's not the poor who keep lowering the rates so the rich can pay less and less.


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  1. Since we're doing the Food Stamp Challenge this year I've sort of got the numbers for SNAP on my mind...

    According to this:

    you guys might well be eligible since the monthly income ceiling for a household of 2 is $2023 before taxes. Given that the maximum benefit is about half your annual income you'd be nuts not to apply.