Thursday, April 12, 2012

when poor blacks blame white folks instead of capitalism

Minneapolis has been getting what's been called "flash mob" attacks. It appears some black teenagers are targeting white and Asian victims, one of whom has been hospitalized with brain damage:

Minneapolis flash mob beatings: Victim's mother details St. Patrick's Day attack - Minneapolis News - The Blotter

Mpls. Police Ponder 8 P.M. Curfew After Youth Mob Attacks « CBS Minnesota

Victim describes 'flash mob' attack in downtown Mpls. |

And a white bicyclist was killed by black kids when he didn't give up his bicycle:

Shots Fired: Few heard, a man died, Minneapolis shrugged. | NICK COLEMAN

It's possible the kids are attacking people who seem richer, based on clothes and possessions rather than race. Still, Minneapolis has become a racially diverse city, and Northeast and Downtown are both heavily diverse, so the numbers suggest the mob attacks are racist. Whether the murder of the bicyclist is connected to them, we don't know.

But we do know a fourteen-year-old white girl was recently attacked in a Portland subway by three black sisters who invoked race:

MAX beating was ugly, but the reaction by some has been just as bad |

That's not being prosecuted as a hate crime because the inciting incident is unclear—was it about a boy's good looks? Still, it is clear that the attackers considered her race relevant, a point few would dispute if white girls had attacked a black girl while screaming about her race.

I found "Proof Whitey is the Devil" by yahsoldier1, whose sarcasm doesn't always work (and he acknowledges that several times), but whose collection of violent incidents is fascinating and awful:

Violence is inevitable in an unequal society. My solution is Martin Luther King's: end poverty with a guaranteed minimum income.

The anti-racist solution? They're putting up billboards about white privilege. It's a classic capitalist solution—it's both very profitable and it keeps the focus on race rather than class—so I have to ask my usual question about anti-racism training programs: Is there any evidence that they work? I've only been able to find evidence that they don't: The problem with anti-racism campaigns.


  1. Joel, I think you overestimate the likely fightback, but it is true that buggywhip makers often agitate to keep making buggywhips.

  2. Joel, I think it's hard to estimate how much pushback there would actually be since we've never had a guaranteed minimum income in this country. Remember, one of the complaints in spending cuts is that it creates more unemployment - take that away and how many people are left fighting you?