Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And Other Stories

And Other Stories is a new collection of short stories by Emma and me. It's available...

...as a trade paperback at CreateSpace: And Other Stories

...for Kindle at Amazon: And Other Stories

...for Nook and other epub readers at Barnes and Noble: And Other Stories

...in many electronic forms at Smashwords: And Other Stories

The contents:

Stories by Emma Bull
"The Princess and the Lord of Night"
"Man of Action"
"The Last of John Ringo"
"De la Tierra"
"What Used to Be Good Still Is"
"Joshua Tree"
"Silver or Gold"

Stories by Will Shetterly
"The Princess Who Kicked Butt"
"Brian and the Aliens"
"Taken He Cannot Be"
"Little Red and the Big Bad"
"Secret Identity"
"The People Who Owned the Bible"
"Kasim's Haj"
"The Thief of Dreams"
"Black Rock Blues"
"Dream Catcher"