Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Facts are Cool #2: crime and race, now with class!

Added this to Facts are Cool: race and gender, now with class!.


  1. =v= The NYPD justifies its "Stop and Frisk" practice, targeted mostly at black males in poor neighborhoods, based on a few guns they've turned up. They are more likely to turn up baggies of weed, something that New Yorkers of all races could be carrying around. Having turned up an offense, the NYPD generates crime statistics that are then used as circular logic to target poor blacks.

    1. If they're targeting poor neighborhoods in New York, the targets will be disproportionately black and Hispanic. If they did the same thing in Appalachia, the targets would be white.

      I did leave something out of disproportionality and crime, though: The young poor are the ones who're most likely to be hassled.

      Mind you, I'm not saying racist cops aren't using this as an excuse to be racist. I'm sure they are.