Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is "Straight White Male" The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is? Part Five

In a discussion at G+, a friend brought up the issue of "passing", of being perceived as straight or white, and noted that straight people who're seen as gay can be bashed. I answered:
I grew up being called queer and niggerlover. I know about those problems from the hard side of a fist. No one's saying racist and sexist assholes no longer exist. They come in every skin tone and every gender. But really, how do you change things by running around blaming white men, 99.9% of whom have far less power than Obama or Oprah or Condi Rice or Herbert Cain or...?

Remember, it was white men who gave the vote to women and people of color. As a group, they don't want identity privilege.