Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Misfits: working-class superheroes

If I was still a blogging fool, I would do a long post about the first two seasons of Misfits. The quick version is this may have been my favorite TV superhero show ever, but having just seen the first episode of the third season, I'm prob'ly stopping now.

Warning: it's not a show for everyone. Not only do you have to like superheroes, you have to like all kinds of things that are too adult for US broadcast TV and too immature for HBO. My inner fourteen-year-old was pretty happy. Not as happy as he was with The Avengers and Captain America movies, but happy.

The third season has a bad replacement for a character that I hadn't realized I would miss. I'll spoil no more than that. I don't think the problem with the episode can be pinned on the replacement actor or character, though. It just felt like the writers stopped having fun.

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