Tuesday, May 15, 2012

thinking about toilets


I sometimes think anyone seeking public office should have to answer two questions:

Have you cleaned up your own shit?

Have you cleaned up other people's shit?

Those questions are not metaphorical. If you can't answer "yes' to both, I don't want to vote for you.


Emma and I have lived in homes that only had one toilet, but we spent the last five years taking care of a place with four, counting two in guest areas. Now we're in a small house with one. I'm thinking about installing a second toilet, which has led to thoughts about privacy, luxury, and waste of many sorts.

I've always lived in homes with flush toilets, though when I was a kid, those were homes with one toilet for a five-person family. But Grandpa had a cabin by Lake of the Woods which only had an outhouse, and because I loved my grandpa and the lake, outhouses have always had good associations for me.

Which is why I may try to convince Emma that instead of installing a second flush toilet, we should build a closet with a humanure toilet.


This post was inspired by this:

Lack of Sanitation

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