Wednesday, June 13, 2012

our radon abatement system

So, we did a second radon test, which came back with a lower level than the first test but still above what's recommended, so we asked a friend for a recommendation, then contacted Radon Removal, who provided us with this:

My lovely assistant is gesturing toward the fan, which runs constantly and is very quiet. With some houses, they're able to run the chimney inside the house and put the fan in an attic or a closet, but our house is very small and there simply wasn't an inconspicuous place inside.

Here you can see the pipe in the basement, next to our furnace.

And here's where it goes into the floor. They drill through the floor, suck out some dirt and sand, then seal in the pipe, which draws radon from beneath the house.

The cost was $1375, and the installers were fast and friendly, so we're pleased. I've mailed off the follow-up test to see just how much of a difference this'll make. I'll post that when it arrives.


  1. It's probably just me, but shouldn't there by some sort of little hat on the stack to keep out rain and snow and bird's nests and such?

    1. Good question—now that you mention it, I'd doing the "Why didn't we think of that?"

      The pipe is probably too small for a bird's nest, and the little rain or snow that would get in it would just go under the floor most of the time, but Minnesota has freakish weather sometimes, so I'll ask the company whether a hat would be useful. Hmm. Since the fan is constantly blowing a little air out the top, that might be enough to prevent problems. I gotta get a ladder and feel the top to see just how much air is being pushed through there.