Thursday, August 30, 2012

how to write a book, plus a little about the Minnesota State Fair

I tweeted this yesterday;
How to write a book: write a book.
In other news, there is no other news. Well, Emma and I are going to the State Fair a little too often, which I didn't think was possible, so we'll stop doing that soon.

Coolest freebie at the fair is a collapsible water bottle from AARP in the Education Building.

Best food? Um, all of it? Okay, best macaroons Emma has ever eaten—and Emma may be the premiere macaroon judge—are from the Salty Tart, whose regular bakery is about a mile from us. (Yes, two of the best bakeries in the Twin Cities are within bicycling distance. Life is good.)

Ole's Cannolis in Heritage Square are actually great. The lightly battered cauliflower and new potatoes on a stick nearby are also mighty fine.

The salmon wrap at Giggle's is well worth having again.

The $2.50 breakfast burrito at Tejas was ideal for the one time we managed to get to the fair before 11 am.

I liked the Leininkugel's berry shandy, but the lemon shandy is better, and Summit on a Stick—three samper beers in a paddle—is best. Though the Brau Brothers beers at the tasting in the Ag Building were grand.

Seed art is eternally cool.

The art at the art building is, as usual, much better than it needs to be.

The sky glider ride over the fair grounds is mighty fine.

Bonnie Raitt was great, and so was Mavis Staples.

Volunteering for the ACLU booth was heaps of fun.

All the milk you can drink was as wonderful as I remembered. So was the honey lemonade and the honey ice cream at the Ag Building.

I was mighty fond of O'Gara's battered green beans.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something else I really liked. The only thing that was a bit disappointing were the garlic french fries—there was plenty of garlic, but I would've liked a thicker and darker potato with it.

Well, there may be another post about State Fair love within a few days.

ETA: Deep fried cheese curds! How could I forget? We're traditionalists—we always get them in the Food Building, though I know we should check out the competition.