Saturday, August 18, 2012

Over 100 Black Female Superheroes!

(Yes, I'm once again pandering to popular search items for this blog. People want black female superheroes, so I'm delighted to deliver.)

It's not my best work, but I'll always be proud of writing Captain Confederacy, the first black female superhero to have her own series* from a major publisher, Marvel's Epic division:

I forget how I came across the following fanvids, but discovering that Captain Confederacy is included makes me feel right chuffed.

Here's an interview about my comics: SHETTERLY CAPTAIN CONFEDERACY & CHARITY

It probably will never happen, but I'd love to do more with those revamped public domain characters someday.

And here's an interview with Vince Stone (‘Captain Confederacy’ artist) | "Lessons learned from Star Trek? Be open to different experiences, be tolerant of others and if that doesn’t work – launch photon torpedoes!"

* Marvel's Monica Rambeau, their second Captain Marvel, was the first black female superhero who had her own comic from a major publisher, but it was a one-shot special issue released to secure Marvel's trademark on the name:

Still, she should've been in the Avengers movie. Just sayin'.

ETA: Strange factoid: two of the first black female superheroes were sound-alikes, Bufferfly and Bumblebee.