Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the selective acknowledgment of class by SJWs

I've said social justice warriors hate to talk about class, but that's not exactly true. They happily mention class when racists denigrate people of color based on racial interpretations of poverty or crime statistics. For example, if someone said black folks in the US commit more crimes than white folks, anti-racists might cite something like this from Bill Bennett and Freakonomics:
It is true that, on average, crime involvement in the U.S. is higher among blacks than whites. Importantly, however, once you control for income, the likelihood of growing up in a female-headed household, having a teenage mother, and how urban the environment is, the importance of race disappears for all crimes except homicide. (The homicide gap is partly explained by crack markets). In other words, for most crimes a white person and a black person who grow up next door to each other with similar incomes and the same family structure would be predicted to have the same crime involvement. Empirically, what matters is the fact that abortions are disproportionately used on unwanted pregnancies, and disproportionately by teenage women and single women.
SJWs only hate to talk about class issues when class undermines their focus on race.