Saturday, August 25, 2012

tweeting with Requires Hate and her pals

according to Shittery, people who call him out "attend the expensive private schools of the US's ruling class" Shittery went to Choate
 Yes. This is why I know so much about them.
* * *

"the nicest man anyone could ever know, and if everyone wasn't caught up in buzzwords, they would quickly see that he preaches equality"
 Why is it always "b-but he's the nicest ever!" He can't just be "nice" but the most nicest. Talk about sucking up.
 and even if he were a little puppy (likely of the incontinent, yapping sort) offline, online he's still shitting everywhere
  The "he's great in person" defence rings hollow because it turns out people online are actually people
   Well, except for the subhumans, of course.
* * *

 I saw the bingo card (class class class class) someone made and, to spout a cliche, laughed out loud
  I love that card! I used it as my LJ icon until I finally deleted the LJ.
* * *

"but he's REALLY a nice person!" used to defend everyone from serial murderer, Assange, to Shittery
 Every single time some guy goes nuts and kills a bunch of people: "He was nice and quiet." Every. Time.
  It is nice to be included in Assange's company. Being hated by the ruling classes is high praise.
* * *

"Classism bolsters every ism I can think of. Racism and sexism and all the rest are tools" quoth white man, Shittery
 Would you like to do an interview, white man vs. rich woman? I'm your huckleberry.
* * *

 Watch out when an American talks about "class" they usually mean "I envy people with more money & status than me."
  Standard Republican copout: No class warfare! That's envy talk!

* * *
 Didn't you see that the first WT post about it had a trackback from Stormfront? They were overjoyed. 
   I saw it. They were overjoyed that people were attacking an interracial romance story.
* * *

For the "subhumans" reference, see Acrackedmoon hates Jews! or how to be a Social Justice Warrior.

Regarding my time at Choate: a short autobiography by Will Shetterly