Friday, August 3, 2012

What ever happened to Verb Noire?

Social Justice Warriors: Do Not Engage: What ever happened to Verb Noire?


  1. This is the first I'd heard about this. This is really a shame, on a bunch of different levels. It's the sort of thing I wish would succeed, in several different ways.

  2. Several of the webcomics I follow have done Kickstarter programs to publish their webcomic in book form. There is obviously a market out there because all these guys have raised several times the amount they had set as goal. One guy has already turned out one beautiful hardback cloth-bound book, and is now on his second Kickstarter program to publish the second volume with a "box" that will contain both volumes as an option for the higher donations -- all while holding down a day job! There's definitely a market out there for quality content, which the mainstream publishers like Marvel and DC are not providing. Don't know specifically about works by/from/about people of color, but I do know of several out there with a large BGLT readership. (One guy, who put out a beautifully drawn graphic novel on his website raised over 3 x his Kickstarter goal for publishing it in book form). This may be the direction things are heading.

    1. Kickstarter's great for people with a following. Part of the tragedy of VN is they had great word of mouth when they launched, but I think anyone trying to kickstart a similar project now would suffer from VN's failure--unless they already had a good record on their own, of course. Someone like NK Jemisin could still do it.