Sunday, September 2, 2012

a surprisingly good article about consent and the state

I was initially put off by a certain amount of rhetoric that I associate with social justice warriors, but the writer draws conclusions they would not. From For Julian Assange, Justice Foreclosed | The Nation: "It should be possible to imagine a resolution outside the criminal justice system for problems that arise in the course of consensual sexual coupling: dissatisfaction over the use (or ill use) of condoms, constraints that keep people from expressing their wishes or intuiting those of another, selfishness, insensitivity, confusions as “yes” slides into “no” and back to “yes,” perhaps wordlessly—all issues that seem to apply in the Assange case but exist beyond it. That will require a braver sexual politics (and at least another column), and it does not demean experience to recognize that the language of punishment is a poor substitute for the lost language of love."