Saturday, September 1, 2012

K. Tempest Bradford, SJW

K. Tempest Bradford, creator of The Angry Black Woman blog, graduated from New York University, the second most expensive private university in the USShe said in 2007:
I rarely mention class because it’s not an issue I’m particularly familiar with. As I’ve said before, I come from a pretty comfortable middle class upbringing and, even though I don’t make a lot of money at the moment, I am pretty comfortable, financially. ... I’m not overly familiar with the ways in which being lower class affects anything, including race (though I have some idea). Therefore, I don’t feel qualified to go on about it.
Quoting me in italics, she continued:
Would you say you’re limited in your awareness of class because of your class privilege? 
Indeed, yes. I’m not completely unaware of class because it is a factor is racial issues, but I do have that privilege. 
My problem is the exclusion of class from the analysis of other isms, as though class is irrelevant to them, when I think it’s central to all of them. 
I don’t agree that it’s *central* to all of them, and I think that’s where we diverge most of all. Maybe I think this way because I see that even lower class whites are still afforded privileges that upper class blacks aren’t. From that perspective, it’s easy to see why many blacks dismiss class issues.
Her notion that a homeless white guy is privileged, and Condi Rice or Oprah Winfrey are not, will always baffle me.

I mentioned this to her once:
For years, I wrestled with whether Malcolm X was right when he said you can't have capitalism without racism. Clearly, liberals and conservatives are working desperately to create capitalism without racism. But I've finally come to see that Malcolm X was right: if you don't redistribute wealth, the distribution of wealth will be racially disproportionate. If you do redistribute wealth, capitalism ends. It's a Catch-22 that anti-racists ignore. Do you have an answer?
She didn't.

When I suggested a better name for her blog would be the Angry Bougie Woman, she tweeted:
I went to a fancy private school and grew up middle class, so I'm totally bougie.
Yep, that's pretty much Class 101.