Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sexy halloween costumes and social justice neo-puritanism

This post has moved: sexy halloween costumes and social justice neo-puritanism, Parts 1 & 2.


  1. Witches were said to have "congress" with the devil. Now witches are having the devil with Congress. Plus ça change. . .

  2. Those are all grown women. The complaints about sexy costumes I have seen have all been about the sexualization of little girls.


    1. The ones I've seen have been using adult costumes as illustrations. Or do you simply mean that girls' costumes sometimes show more skin than boys'? That, I suspect, reflects the whole trousers/shorts/skirt rules for daily clothes.

    2. Nah, the "tween" costumes* really are quite sexualized. They're just the adult costumes scaled down or possibly the adult costumes are "tween" costumes scaled up. One could argue that the "sexy" cookie monster costume would only be "sexy" on an adult, but it's hard to argue that the French Maid outfit is a completely wholesome thing to put a nine year old in.

      *Usually aimed at nine to ten year olds.

    3. I hope I addressed that in my reply to you in the comments on the second post about this: more on sexy halloween costumes and social justice neo-puritanism.

  3. I've seen some costumes on the internet and they're just unreal.
    That stuff is good only on very thin girls. There are stay-up stockings everywhere and if you are a bit more plump than the average model you look like a salami.
    I hope the male costumes are available in more sizes so girls that don't feel ok with megacleavages and inguinal shirts have an option. And then on Halloween is damn cold so I'd never prance around in hotpants if I hadn't very thick pantyhose.

    one SJW when asked "why can't a girl purchase a male costume if she wants to be more covered" answered that no that wasn't fair, because no woman has to be forced to buy men's clothes.
    ..... *Sigh*

    1. That SJW's answer is fine example of SJW entitlement combined with double standards.

      I'm old fashioned enough to think people should make their costumes, either from scratch or by putting together whatever they like, so I confess, I don't have a lot of sympathy for people who are outraged because they saw an ad for a sexy Cookie Monster outfit for adults.

      I just did a quick googling. Costumes for women range from completely covering (nuns, burqas, princess gowns, etc.) to little more than bikinis. The SJW objection doesn't seem to be that they are being forced to wear sexy costumes. It's that other people might wear them.

      And while I really don't want to see anyone in a sexy Cookie Monster outfit, if it makes someone happy, more power to 'em.

      Oh, and as for buying a male costume, crossdressing is traditionally part of transgressive costuming. You could've asked that SJW why she was being transphobic. :)

    2. Actually, my initial reaction to all those complaints about too many sexy Halloween costumes was "Well, why don't you make your own then?"

      Cause where I come from, we usually made and/or assembled our own carnival costumes (Halloween has only become big in the past ten years or so and was largely unknown before).

      But then I remembered how my American friends and teachers reacted to my homemade costume the one time I actually got to celebrate Halloween in the US. My Mom bought me a cardboard witch hat and a plastic wand type thing and otherwise jazzed up regular clothes with felt cutouts, which was pretty similar to how all my carnival costumes back at home had been created. But I was the only kid in a homemade costume, everybody else wore store-brought stuff (this was the late 1970s).

      Regarding sexy costumes for pre-teen girls, I can clearly see how that would make many adults uncomfortable. It certainly makes adult me uncomfortable. But if I look at my old carnival costumes (which were assembled from existing clothes), I also wore "sexy" costumes as a 10 or 11-year-old, many of which would be completely inacceptable today (usually for racial/cultural appropriation reasons) and I remember being proud about looking grown up. So I suspect that in many cases the kids want to wear those costumes, even if they seem unsuitable to adults. Kids usually want to appear older or grown-up.

  4. +1 on the part about assembling the costume yourself with existing items.
    I'm not fond of Halloween since that doesn't belong to me, but it's always a big excuse for throwing a party. Back in the days of high school you waited for Hallowen as the first social event of the year for going to Parties! with Boys! so we were very focused on appearing sexy (not necessarily sexy=extreme exposure).
    Despite that, nobody spent to much on costumes (that usually suck since are made of cheap fabric), rather we were focused on makeup, accessories and customizing clothing items. This not only is a cheapier choice but also a more creative one.

    PS I assumed that the tumblr profile about that was exhaustive about female costume range, but well no. And about crossdressing, I'd like to see what they would say if a guy wanted to appear sexy wearing the female clothes. many male costumes featured are hopelessly nerdy.