Thursday, November 22, 2012

quiet thinking

I am a fan of quiet places. My one complaint about life in cities is there's always one neighbor who loves loudness. If you think, like me, this might be a class thing, it's not. Tim Krieder has a comment about train riders and bus riders that seems true, as generalizations go:

From The Quiet Ones - "James’s thesis that this obliviousness correlates to a sense of special entitlement is corroborated by my own observation that the crowd on Amtrak, where airline-level fares act as a de facto class barrier, is generally louder and more inconsiderate than the supposed riffraff on the bus."

 I don't think noise is a rudeness issue: I think most noisy people are so used to noise that it never occurs to them it might be annoying to anyone else.

Well. Have a quiet or noisy Thanksgiving, as you prefer!

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