Friday, December 7, 2012

two experiments with free books

We made Shadow Unit #1 free at Smashwords and Amazon (and would've made it free at B&N if we could figure out a way). So far, that seems to have been the right choice. For example, in September, the month before #1 went free, we sold 16 copies of #9 at Amazon. In October, we sold 26. In November, we sold 59. It's too early to generalize, but it's promising.

To test Amazon's KDP program (which I really wish didn't call for a three month exclusive on any book in the program), I entered Dogland and made it free for a day this week. Last month at Amazon, it sold 4 copies; this month, it's already sold 11.

I'll do an update on the experiments in a month or so.


  1. I saw your announcement of the free ebook, but I waited until the price went back up :-)

    1. Ah, good to know. The KDP program lets you do four or five free days however you want to space them, and I've been trying to decide whether to do all the rest in one block of time or to keep spacing them. Maybe I'll try two free days in a row next month.

      I do feel a little guilty that you missed the free day. Thanks for buying it!