Monday, January 28, 2013

Read the part about Thailand regardless of your opinion of Acrackedmoon

In the comments at Spool Pidgin: Requires Hate: Final Thoughts (I promise), James Worrad offered a postscript that includes an observation that applies to SJWs in general:
Requires Hate detests the oppressor, but has no love for the oppressed.
That inspired a comment from John the Scientist that includes this:
I've seen speculation that RH is an ethnic Chinese Thai, and her emphasis on Chinese culture and current writers provides some circumstantial evidence for this. Your observation of her distinct lack of demonstrated pride in Thailand per se is another piece of evidence for that.

If so, then some potential insight into her personality emerges - at least enough to construct a strawman and sift through her writing for confirmatory or contradicting evidence.

A Thai Chinese, educated in the UK, would belong to one of the richest subcultures on the planet. Drop that kind if privilege into the toxic soup of postmodernism that was Western lit crit in the 90s, and you get someone who desperately wanted to be a victim because of the political cachet. The only way she was going to be accepted in the identity politics of a post-modernist lit crit program of the 90s was to be the most strident voice in the room, otherwise someone was going to comment on the rich girl playing to the proletariat.

She doesn't care about Thailand because she sees herself as above the real Thais. She doesn't care about the oppressed because she is part of an oppressive class, one that affords her, in a country with the worst income and wealth inequality outside of Africa, the luxury of getting angry about what some midlist First World authors write. She knows she'll always lose the "who's got it worst" one-upmanship of victimhood in her crowd if she isn't leading the show.
John the Scientist links to Thailand's wealthy untouchables, which includes this:
Thailand has one of the most unequal distributions of wealth anywhere on the planet, despite some recent improvements.

And that yawning gap between rich and poor is most openly on view in Bangkok, where ostentatious displays of wealth are commonplace alongside the grinding poverty experienced by millions of migrant workers who have come from the countryside.

Luxury cars costing more than the entire annual income of a village rub up against the battered carts of street vendors.

New shopping centres and apartment blocks are crowding out what little open space remains in the city, projects that help the rich get even richer.

It should come as no surprise that it is in Bangkok that a five-star hotel is offering its 50 highest-spending guests what it calls the meal of a lifetime, prepared by a team of Michelin-starred chefs and preceded by the guests being flown by executive jet to a village in eastern Thailand to witness a little poverty before tucking into their 10-course feast.

Total cost: around US$300,000 (£150,000). The event has barely raised an eyebrow in Thailand, but caused such an uproar elsewhere over its questionable taste that many top chefs in France have decided to boycott it.
So it's possible Acrackedmoon is exactly what she claims to be,  a rich Chinese woman living in Thailand, where life is sweet for the exploiting class.