Thursday, January 17, 2013

there was nothing brave in Brave

I'd heard Brave was disappointing, so I waited to get the DVD from Netflix, thinking I would enjoy the art and trusting I would think the story was good enough.

It wasn't. It was barely there. This should've been the story of a young woman striking out on her own, saving her kingdom while dealing with family issues and finding true love. Instead, it's the story of a girl learning she should trust her mom. There's nothing brave about the story, and the heroine never really has her bravery tested. It felt like the director-writer wanted to address mother-daughter issues in a non-threatening way, and she succeeded with the non-threatening part—the witch who creates the problem is more goofy than scary, and we never worry that the mom's in danger.

Visually, it's all you would expect from Pixar. But great visuals are not enough.

I gave it three stars at Netflix, but I would've given it 2 1/2 if I could've.