Friday, February 22, 2013

Identitarianism’s class problem, part two | MattBruenig | Politics

Identitarianism’s class problem, part two | MattBruenig | Politics: "Unlike many other identities, an individual’s class is is not easily figured out through visual inspection alone. In practice, the identitarian discourse norms favor identities that are more visually apparent — race and gender for instance — over identities that are less so. To be blunt: I’ve seen more than my fair share of situations where a rich (usually white) woman tells a white man whose class background she has no knowledge of to shut up and listen on account of his having a privileged gender or race."

Bruenig's brilliant. This post is short. Read it.

ETA: He deleted it. I think I'll leave this quote up, because this is very true of identitarians: they object to making assumptions based on visual cues, but their entire understanding of privilege is based on visual cues.

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