Thursday, February 14, 2013

my best Valentine's Day advice

No matter how sure you are of your sweetheart's love, never stop trying to win it.

This has kept Emma and me together for more three decades.

Which is to say, yeah, Valentine's Day has been commercialized unbearably, but that's no reason not to do something a little special today for someone you care about.

Which applies to all the days that have not been commercialized, too.

Hmm. That reminds me of something wise atheists and theists have said: all days are holy days. For lovers, all days are Valentine's Day.

And if you're not in a romantic relationship? Do something nice for a friend, or with one, or for a stranger, or with one. There are many kinds of love, and Valentine's Day is for all of them.


  1. I'll go with that fourth paragraph, but mostly skip the rest. We don't -do- Valentine's day. OTOH, for us, every day is special--it works well enough for us.

    1. I maybe should've added that we keep our Valentine's Day fairly simple--this time, it was corn pancakes for lunch at one of our favorite breakfast-lunch places.

      What works for you is the important part.

  2. I suppose if you can have "unbirthdays" you could have "unvalentines days" -- except there's not a neat song for "unvalentines day"

  3. Re: the last paragraph: In today's edition of the San Jose Mercury news, there was an article about "SAD" or Singles Awareness Day, loosely observed on or around Valentine's Day. The seemingly unfortunate acronym is so people can say, "Happy SAD day!" which is redundant, but what the hell. So maybe that's one thing you can do on Valentine's Day if you're single, help others have a happy SAD day?

    Anyway. My partner and I went out for sushi before the mad Valentine's Day rush. And left a big tip.

    1. I hate the acronym, because being single should never be automatically associated with being sad, but remembering a single friend on Valentine's Day does seem like a nice thing to add to the list.

      And sushi's perfect for Valentine's Day.