Sunday, February 24, 2013

What is "derailment"?

A social justice warrior once called me The Derailment Machine, which I loved so much that I used it as the name of my now deleted LiveJournal.
The definition of Derailment at Geek Feminism Wiki:
Derailment occurs when discussion of one issue is diverted into discussion of another issue, often by the group who were being called out about their bad behaviour in the first place.
As a parttime student of language, I love the way that definition works: people who shut up and accept what they're told are good; people who reject the speaker's analysis are bad.

Here's a more objective definition:
Derail (v): (1) to offer information that does not fit the agenda of a person who wants to control a conversation; (2) to reject the framing of an issue.

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