Sunday, March 3, 2013

a pen engraver in Iran

Katayoun, an Iranian friend, sent us this lovely pen:

The engraving was done by an artist on the street:

She included a translation:
O eagle of love
Rise up from your misty, distant peaks
Wing your way to the grieving plains of my life
Take me to where the wine no longer carries me
It's from a poem, Come, Fill the Cup, by Fereydoon Moshiri.

Katayoun said of the artist, "he was very cool, knew a whole lot of poems by heart, had a huge notebook for people to choose from but could recite most of them by heart!"

I love street artists.

And I love the Iranian love of poetry.


  1. Wow that is really cool, I bet he can sell that good that the office supplies store stuff that are too mainstream. Awesome.

  2. With all the dehumanizing of peoples in the middle east we have to remember that Iran, like many other places, has a history of being a very educated, cosmopolitan culture.