Thursday, March 14, 2013

for identitarians who are upset that Johnny Depp is playing Tonto

Johnny Depp Adopted Into Comanche Nation -

My guess is the only Indians upset about Depp playing Tonto are identitarian academics. My money is on most Indians thinking, "Johnny Depp wants to make Tonto as cool as Captain Sparrow? Awesome!"

Oh, and as for his broken English? This will come as a shock to many, I'm sure, but the Comanches of the time grew up with their own language—having Tonto speaking school marm English would be as silly as having Sherlock Holmes speaking Cockney.

Now, it is a shame no one researched his makeup, because the Kirby Sattler painting it's based on is about as authentic as the older Tonto costumes.


  1. You're missing a bet here. I bet "Cockney Steampunk Sherlock Holmes" would be enough of a description to get you a new novel contract...

    1. Dang. You're right. I'd kinda like to read that.