Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chimera: Now available as an ebook!

From Booklist:
In the twenty-first century, gene splicing can produce a human-shaped being with a killer whale's strength and ferocity and artificial intelligence (AI) that can be selfish as a four-year-old. Part-animal chimeras and AIs aren't fully equal to humans, however; chimeras, for instance, can go murderously insane without warning. Should such creations have the rights of humans? PI Chase Maxwell is reasonably enlightened but hadn't thought much about such issues. Then a lithe, beautiful jaguar-woman interrupts his game of five-card stud. Zoe Domingo is wanted for the apparent murder of her patron and friend, an elderly roboticist. She says she didn't do it and blames a rogue copbot. Suddenly, the police, a chimera-rights activist, a powerful CEO, and some garden-variety gangsters are all interested in her. Shetterly revs up the sf concept of animal-human hybrids with his Spenserish PI hero, who both shoots straight and makes a great sandwich. Vivid characters and a tense, sexy story line enliven the excellent cyberthriller's themes of choice, freedom, and responsibility. Roberta Johnson
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  1. Just finished it. I liked Midnight Girl better. The exaggerated, slightly gonzo Libertarian future America sort of distracted or clashed with the rest of the story, I thought.

    It was still a fun read, I guess I was just expecting something different.

    I dunno, I'm not much of a critic, I just know what I like :P

    1. One of my problems as a commercial writer is I keep doing different stuff, so it's always interesting to me to find out what people like and what disappoints them. The most interesting case is the response to Elsewhere and its sequel, Nevernever--some people think the sequel's better than the first, and others find it disappointing. As long as people like something I've done, I'm happy, so in this instance, I'm very glad you liked MIdnight Girl!

    2. Oh, amusing (to me) fact about Chimera and its Libertarian dystopia: the book was a finalist for the Prometheus, the Libertarian sf award.