Monday, April 15, 2013

If your friends jump off a bridge, you'll probably jump too; rationalizing animal #8

A little more data for the fact that the rationalizing animal is most likely to do what the other rationalizing animals do. Social Network Sways Vaccine Compliance has strong numbers for people preferring their social group's advice to scientific advice. Referring to people who choose not to vaccinate their children as nonconformers, they note, "the most striking difference between the conformers' and nonconformers' people networks was that 72% of the nonconformers' network members also were in favor of nonconformity, while only 13% of conformers' network members held that view."

ETA via R. Michael Litchfield:


  1. I always kind of figured that if all my friends jumped off a bridge I'd do it too because having all of your friends commit suicide is rather distressing and tends to make the future look less worthwhile. Also, suicide cults often force compliance from those who are hesitant to join in at the last minute.

    But ummm... anyway.

    1. I hear that. If my friends were all drinking the Kool-aid, I might ask if I could have a shot of Scotch first, but odds are good I'd drink.