Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Regarding Scalzi's "Lowest Difficulty Setting" and Teaching Intersectionality through Halo

I just left this comment at All Skulls On: Teaching Intersectionality through Halo:
This test has the same problem as the essay that inspired it: how do you compare the opportunities of a rich black woman with those of a poor white man? In a capitalist society, wealth has to be the default for the easiest setting. Saying that Herman Cain’s daughter is playing at a harder setting than a working-class white man from North Dakota or Appalachia is just silly. 
And, no, this does not deny that racism and sexism are still a problem in the US. It’s simply stating what should be obvious: people born rich have advantages over those who’re born middle-class, and the middle-class have advantages over the working-class, and the poor—which includes twice as many white folks as black—have it hardest of all.