Monday, April 1, 2013

WisConners get Locus to censor an April Fool’s joke

WisCon’s Feminist Failfandom Brigade Gets My Locus April Fool’s Piece Taken Down « Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog. Some of the outraged people don't seem to know the history behind the joke. It's not about Islam. It's about WisCon's censorship of Elizabeth Moon.

In the comments at Locus Online Perspectives » An Apology, the admin says, "Blame me, not Liza or Locus HQ, for whatever sins we may have committed, and for whatever targets of death threats. I always thought that SF/F readers were more tolerant, less apt to take offense, than other folks; but apparently not. (Death threats!). So, no more April 1st spoofs ever."

Rose Fox on Twitter said, "Can't imagine anyone is actually threatening!" Which is odd, since every time people associated with Wiscon get outraged, there are death threats. That's been true since Zathlazip was mobbed.

ETA: And K. Tempest "cut a bitch" Bradford is also tweeting her mockery of the idea that there were death threats.

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