Thursday, July 25, 2013

"I'm not humorless, but...": vs. Patton Oswalt

Thinking about the liberal equivalent of the conservative "I'm not racist, but...", I googled "I'm not humorless but". Among the results were a slapfight between Salon. com and Patton Oswalt:

Patton Oswalt makes Asian name joke, in response to racist KTVU news report -

Patton Oswalt | A SALON I USED TO KNOW

If your first response to a joke is to ask whether your politics should keep you from laughing, you don't understand humor or human nature. In the case of Oswalt's initial joke, if you're a thinking being, you know his target was the TV station. But if you're on the literal side of the clash between the ironic mind and the literal, you'll only see the words he used.

Irony. It's only for real men.

See what I did there?

PS. The Salon editor thinks he's a "call-out" hero for spotting an Asian names joke. Figures.

ETA: I recommend the comments at Salon. People are pointing out that name-based jokes are juvenile—who doesn't remember I. P. Freely?—but that doesn't make them racist.

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