Friday, August 9, 2013

A bit about outrage junkies. Also, Hitler.

Just posted this on Facebook:
Outraged people really love to be outraged. A guy was writing on Facebook about an outrage du jour in scifi fandom, so I mentioned the time a few US Nazis wanted to march in Skokie: They were so politically insignificant that they needed the ACLU to defend their First Amendment rights, yet people reacted as if they were a viable threat to anything other than good taste. The Nazis were undoubtedly flattered.

The person writing about the fannish incident reacted with the equivalent of "OMG! You brought up Nazis!"

Life is too short for enduring outrage junkies. I think he's the first Facebooker I've unfriended.

If you're curious about the Skokie incident: When the Nazis Came to Skokie
I've noticed before that some people, in identitarian terms, "privilege" Hitler and the Nazis by making them taboo. See: What's declared taboo is made sacred, plus What's wrong with Harvard?

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