Friday, August 2, 2013

Dear Reader,

Emma has been away this week, teaching writing at Hamline University, so I've been catching up on things, most of which I'll kindly not record here. But this might be interesting:

The coolest thing I saw in Zumba this week was a muslim woman in a hijab, long skirt, sparkling vest, and loose jacket who danced like Tina Turner (or maybe like Angela Bassett) to Ike and Tina's version of "Proud Mary":

(Insert here my usual frustration that Bassett didn't get to play Storm in the X-Men movies.)

Monday and today, I went to the free Zumba class at Powderhorn Park, where most of the dancers are Hispanic. On Thursday, I went to the Y, where we haven't had as many muslim dancers lately because of Ramadan, but the muslims who do show are heroes—would you dance at the end of a day of fasting? There's still a nice mix of white and black folks at the Y, mostly women because it's the YW not YM and guys tend to be funny about dancing, but there are a few men who are braver than I was at their age. I'm beginning to think of dance classes as my church. When I die, one of my regrets will be that I did not dance more. But I'm trying to make up for that now.

I missed one of my favorite classes, Wednesday's hip-hop-oriented flashmob class at the Y, because I drove to Northfield (Hamline's summer writing program is held at St. Olaf's for reasons that I'm sure are good) to hear Emma and the other writing teachers read, then hit the bar and talked thisanthatantotherthing, which was a pleasure. Emma's fellow writers are Marilyn Hanson and Toi Derricotte, who're fine company, and Wells Tower, who is undoubtedly fine company, but I didn't get to talk with him. All of their readings were grand.

Then Ellen Klages visited, so I was not alone this entire week.

Tonight, I invented an easy meal-out-of-cans: canned crab (half-price on close-out!), a can of mushroom soup, a dash of pepper, garlic, and cayenne. Also, some spinach which was frozen, but canned would do well, I'm sure. I cut up some stale french bread and stirred that in. C'est le nomtastique.

Tomorrow, I fetch my beloved. Life is good.

yr. pal,


Bonus: Tina Turner and Beyoncé: "Proud Mary" at the Grammys

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