Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hit & Miss, Take 2

Just finished watching the sixth and last episode of Hit & Miss. I gave it four stars at Netflix. What Netflix doesn't let me say is that's five stars for acting, directing, photography, and small moments between the characters, but three stars for several weaknesses in the story arcs.

Doing my best to hide spoilers, here are my main complaints:

1. The Big Bad is all bad. We never have a reason to understand why his wife, son, or lover can stand to be around him.

2. The assassin varies her weapons too much. I expect a successful assassin to stick to a basic, simple technique, but Mia mixes them up. I suppose it's to the writer's credit that a job nearly goes bad when she uses a pistol for what should've been done with a rifle, but there's no reason why she shouldn't have had a rifle or gotten close with a pistol. In another hit, she doesn't use a gun when her pistol with a silencer would've been more plausible.

3. A character hangs around, seeming to have no purpose but to resolve a particular plot thread, then does.

4. The series doesn't exactly end. Reading about it, it's clear the producers hoped for more seasons, but the network talks as if one was all they planned. You might think the final moment is clever—you can imagine a reasonable resolution from there—but I think too many threads are left dangling for the never-to-be Season Two.

My recommendation is to watch the first two episodes. Then if you want to continue, go ahead, knowing that the series will not become as good as it could've, but still deserved a second season. All the actors are grand, and Chloé Sevigny deserves a reward from someone for doing so very many things well.

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