Friday, September 6, 2013

Down with kerfuffles, up with celebrations!

I do not want to know about any more kerfuffles. By "kerfuffle", I mean an internet outrage focused on something said or done by someone who has no power to change society. This includes every News At 11 issue I can imagine:
  • Men complaining about women
  • Women complaining about men
  • Old people complaining about young folk
  • Young people complaining about old folk
  • White people complaining about black folk
  • Black people complaining about white folk 
  • Trans people complaining about cis folk
  • Cis people complaining about trans folk
  • Fans of one kind of art complaining about fans of other kinds of art
  • And anything else in which anyone with no power is declared to have the wrong opinion.
I do want to know about people doing great things for people, because I love people who do great things for people.

And I want to know about powerful people doing bad things, because I want to do whatever I can to stop powerful people from doing bad things.

But the one bad thing I can stop right now is participating in outrage culture. So I'm opting out. If you tweet about a kerfuffle, I'd appreciate a kerfuffle warning of some sort. If you don't, I'll forgive you, but odds are good that if you keep doing it, I'll quit following you, no matter how much I love you.

The best advice St. Peter and Malcolm X ever gave was "Respect everyone." That doesn't leave any room for outrage culture, but it leaves all the room you need to work to make a better world.

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