Thursday, October 10, 2013

"On the Depiction of Women in Games" And books, movies, comics....

"On the Depiction of Women in Games" by Amanda Lange:
The fact is that a lot of times when I see a call to “how women should really be depicted,” it worries me because it feels like there’s a big call for “women should be fully covered up” or “only wear reasonable clothes” and essentially take all the fun and fantasy out. That frankly sucks because even as a woman I like seeing sexy women kicking ass and really want to leave some room for this in my fun-times. 
Here’s my two cents on this. Women should be depicted in a way that’s consistent with the way men are depicted in any one given game. So if a game is supposed to have realistic soldiers in a realistic war environment, it’s silly if the women aren’t also wearing realistic solider uniforms, when the men are. On the other hand, if a game is supposed to have fun fantasy characters I think it’s perfectly OK for women to be depicted in fun fantasy ways. And also men.
Which covers how things should be in every art form: do you treat the women with the same respect—or lack of respect—as the men? If so, any problems in the work come from something other than sexism.

ETA: This is why no cosplayer, female or male, in a chainmail bikini should feel embarrassed by fandom's pulchriphobes.

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