Sunday, February 9, 2014

Emma fights patriarchy...with her hair!

I continue to be amused by Laurie Penny's claim that being a fashion slave is fighting patriarchy: Why patriarchy fears the scissors: for women, short hair is a political statement. When you try to prove your point with pictures of actresses with expensive haircuts, you should notice the patriarchy loves short hair. Really, you cannot fight patriarchy with consumerism.

But I feel a bit sorry for her after reading Sorry Laurie Penny, but the patriarchy likes short hair. I hadn't realized she was attacked as racist and, well, hairist for her position, though given her politics, she should've expected the backlash.

This does give me an excuse to post a recent picture of Emma:

She's had long hair a few times, but for most of her life, she's had short hair fought patriarchy. Here's a picture of Emma and Ellen Kushner around the time War for the Oaks came out:

(photo by Beth Gwinn)

There was a time when short hair challenged the patriarchy:

But as soon as movie stars started cutting their hair, patriarchy chilled. Louise Brooks was gorgeous, but not a threat to patriarchy:

My most recent reason for being sorry my mother's not alive is she would've laughed if I'd told her that she'd been fighting the patriarchy all her life with her hair. Here she is on her wedding day:

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