Sunday, March 9, 2014

quick thoughts on Heroes, Arrow, and Agents of SHIELD

Emma and I tried the first episode of Heroes a few years ago and only liked one character, Hiro. I'm not sure why we decided to try it again, but now we can't understand why we didn't like it. Though we still think Hiro's the greatest, it's a fine show so far—we're about halfway through the first year. I understand the next two years fall in quality, rather like Veronica Mars did, so I don't know if we'll stick it out. But the first year so far is damn fine work.

We nearly stopped watching Arrow at the end of season one, but we're enjoying it more now because they figured out something that the comic book, so far as I know, never did: If Green Arrow is Robin Hood, he needs his band of Merry Men. The TV show is doing a good job with that. Also, I have a man-crush on the guy playing Slade Wilson. And a different kind of crush on the actor playing Felicity.

Agents of SHIELD. Oh, Agents of SHIELD. How I wanted to love you. The only reason I'm watching one more is we're getting Sif, who deserves her own movie. Maybe the writing will turn around, but I'm not expecting it to. The show runners do not seem to remember the first rule of television: burn story. The show feels like it's run by fans, and not in a good way.

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