Saturday, March 15, 2014

weird tricks for getting Smashwords to accept an epub made with Apple Pages

SmashWords is extremely useful and extremely tricky to deal with, at least for me. Making epubs with Pages for Amazon and Barnes & Noble is simple, but making epubs for SmashWords isn't. Here's what currently works for me:

1. Make the epub in Pages without a cover image.

2. Place the cover image in the epub using Calibre.

3. Unzip the epub file with ePub Zip/Unzip. (The Mac's usual unzipping tools will only create new problems.)

4. Open the folder you just created, find OPS/toc.xhtml, and open it with a text editor like TextEdit. Delete

<nav epub:type="toc" id="toc">

5. Open titlepage.xhtml. Delete
6. Save the changed files and rezip the folder with ePub Zip/Unzip.

Good luck!

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