Wednesday, April 2, 2014

socialism is not asceticism

At What is a good counter-argument against "you're a socialist writing from a Macbook" type of argument?, Viciobrasil asked, "Everytime I try to have a discussion with my mostly reactionary and/or right-wing friends, they always use some argument like: "You're socialist and you have a MacBook" or "You read about Socialism in your iPhone". I know this is some kind of fallacy, but I don't know how to counter-argument them. Can someone shed a light for me?"

I answered, "The point of socialism is not to deprive anyone of computers and phones—it's to make sure everyone who needs one has one. Your friends are confusing socialism and asceticism. We don't want to withdraw from the world. We want to make sure everyone can engage with it."

The best answer might've been red-rooster's "Bloody socialists, always wearing shoes."

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