Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An article for racists who take IQ out of context

Here's a nice and easy article so busy people with short attention spans will have no excuse: IQ isn't fixed at birth, can increase –
In 1955, Norway began extending compulsory middle school education by two years. Galloway and her colleague Christian Brinch, from the department of economics at the University of Oslo, analyzed how this additional schooling might affect IQ. 
Using data on men born between 1950 and 1958, the researchers looked at the level of schooling by age 30. They also looked at IQ scores of the men when they were 19. 
"The size of the effect was quite large," she said. Comparing IQ scores before and after the education reform, the average increased by 0.6 points, which correlated with an increase in IQ of 3.7 points for an addition year of schooling, Galloway said. 
"We are only able to study men, because we use data on IQ from the Norwegian military's draft assessment, which basically all men undergo around the age of 19. Women are not included in the draft," she explained.
So when you speak of IQ and race, factor in wealth and education, or your conclusions are meaningless.

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