Friday, June 20, 2014

The art is not the artist #1: Marion Zimmer Bradley and Richard Dadd

Regarding Marion Zimmer Bradley was a child abuser - says her own daughter « TeleRead: While the charges against Marion Zimmer Bradley may very well be 100% true, it's still possible that she's innocent. This does not mean anyone's lying. False memory syndrome has resulted in children mistakenly but sincerely accusing their parents and guardians in the past; see Chris French: False memories of sexual abuse | Science |

If the charges are true, remember that the art is not the artist. Richard Dadd murdered his father, but his paintings of fairies are still fascinating.

Most importantly, if MZB was a child abuser, her work will not make you a child abuser, just as Dadd's paintings will not make you believe in fairies.

Having a balanced view of anyone may be impossible, but we are all a mixture of good and bad. The best we do does not negate the worst, just as the worst does not negate the best. It's fine to enjoy what's good and reject what's not.

And if you can't do that, that's fine, too.

LATER: If you wonder what I think is true, I'm inclined to believe her children. I see no parallels with the case that made me aware of false memory syndrome, the McMartin preschool trial, and there's no doubt about Walter H. Breen's crimes. Most relevantly, Marion Zimmer Bradley's own testimony is damning: Marion Zimmer Bradley: In Her Own Words.

ETA: Moira Stern Greyland's Amazon review of Walter Breen and Marion Zimmer Bradley's Greek Love.

SFF community reeling after Marion Zimmer Bradley's daughter accuses her of abuse | Books |

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