Tuesday, June 3, 2014

woman warrior of the day: Roza Miletić

From Military History and Wars: Which warrior was the most dangerous in single combat in the history of the world? - Quora:

Croatian war of independence 1991-5, a grandma (Roza Miletić) captures an intact Serbian T-55 tank with live crew with plenty of ammo still available to them. Beating an empty steel oil drum with a stick she managed to scare the crew into thinking there was high caliber anti tank guns operating against them. The crew got out of the tank and lined up hands raised and once they realized dear old grandma was alone they proceeded to climb back on the tank, to which granny fired a burst out of her Romanian make ak-47 into the air (her only weapon). The crew realized the jig is up and surrendered again. The leather tanker helmet was claimed by the granny as a trophy after this "action". The event was all over the news.

Is she manly enough for ya? lol

On a more serious note the best warrior is the one that was able to walk away no matter what.

Further references:

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