Wednesday, June 4, 2014

woman warriors of the day: a female sheriff and a blacksmith

Since I'm not sure I have a theme for my "women kicking butt" posts, I'm not sure these two comics are exceptions, but I grant they don't break the traditional models for women when they were published. But they bend them.

"Sheriff Sal's Last Stand", from Western Love Trails #7, is at Pappy's Golden Age Comics: A sheriff’s place is in the home. My favorite page:

The ending is very 1950s. I'll say no more. But the ending of “Love’s Last Stand” from Cowboy Love #28 doesn't address whether she keeps her job after marrying: "Pappy's Golden Age Comics: “I’ll be hornswoggled!” The lady blacksmith and the tall cowboy. Her only butt-kicking is the basic one of doing a "man's job", but that's a fine one, and the best heroic men respect it, as seen here:

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