Thursday, July 31, 2014

Two hasty thoughts on SF and the damaging effects of literary status envy

SF and the damaging effects of literary status envy seems insightful. I only want to make two quibbles now:

1. ESR is right that there's a strong libertarian streak in f&sf, but that streak takes two forms, a left-libertarian streak and a right-libertarian streak.

2. The people who have accepted the Gamma Rabbit name are not "extreme-left". They're identitarians, the part of the bourgeois left that prefers to focus on privilege rather than poverty, on social identity rather than human liberty. So they will talk simultaneously about freedom of speech while calling for restrictions on it, and their critiques of our culture are rarely critiques of capitalism. The far right thinks anyone to its left is leftish, but on any sensible political scale, the identitarian left's politics are no more extreme than Obama's neo-liberalism.

ETA: ESR is Eric S. Raymond, a Libertarian Party member.

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