Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rich People Values: fly homeless dog to new home

I love dogs. But rich people's choices will never stop amazing me. A recent example: Dog That Walked 30 Miles To Get Rejected By Owner Now Getting 5-Star Treatment And New Home:

The doggie's name is now Lady again, and her new owner is Helen Rosburg, also known as the author Helen Rich, a tattooed, art-collecting legatee to the Wrigley chewing gum fortune, and who according to dispatched an assistant to collect the pup
The story resonated online and with Rosburg, who had recently lost her senior black Labrador, Granny, said her assistant, Barbara DiCioccio. 
Rosburg, 65, contacted her staff to rescue the dog from the Chautauqua County Animal Shelter in Sedan, Kansas. At 4 p.m. Thursday, her assistants Chet Ragsdale and Barbara DiCioccio boarded a jet to Kansas to pick up the dog; they returned about 10 p.m.
“We don’t mess around here,” DiCioccio said. “We get things done.”
The cost of the flight alone could have turned a homeless person's life around.

ETA: I spotted this story on the same day that I spotted this: The 1% May Be Richer Than You Think, Research Shows - Bloomberg.

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