Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Tangled Lands—now available as an ebook!

I've lightly revised this. I confess, I have mixed feelings about the book. Like The Gospel of the Knife, it's not entirely to my satisfaction, and yet, there are bits I'm proud of, and it has its fans, which pleases me enormously. At Goodreads, a reviewer said it's "tightly written" and a few people gave it five stars. It's a very odd prequel to Cats Have No Lord. Someday I may write a sequel because this book implies something about the world of Cats that is not, in the author's opinion, true—it only seems that way to the point of view characters.

It's $2.99 (cheap!). Currently, it's at: The Tangled Lands

Barnes & Noble: The Tangled Lands

Smashwords: The Tangled Lands

It should show up elsewhere soon.

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