Friday, October 31, 2014

Always blame the writer before you blame the actor

I left this comment at Which Episodes You Must Watch To Catch Up On Agents of SHIELD: "Actors can't be better than their material. Speaking as a writer, I assure you, the first person to blame for a lame character is the writer."

That said, the writers answer to the show runner, and the show runner answers to the producer, and the producer answers to the studio, and the studio answers to the advertisers. So ultimately, blame capitalism.

Uh, that's my sense of humor at work. Really, just know that only the most brilliant actors can make a part better than it is, and even they can't turn the appropriately named Ed Wood into Shakespeare.

Which reminds me that I need to see the Ed Wood movie again.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The latest contender for the best article on GamerGate

From GamerGate and Misandry by Cathy Young:
Eron Gjoni, Quinn’s ex-boyfriend, was encouraged to go public by at least one woman in the videogame industry: former Tumblr blogger KC Vidya. She believed that Quinn’s liaisons with industry insiders and with a gaming journalist who had given her positive publicity were a breach of professional ethics, and that her behavior toward Gjoni went against her declared personal ethics as a “social justice” activist. (While KC Vidya later deleted her blog due to the backlash she encountered, screencaps of her posts still exist.) Ironically, a line from one of KC Vidya’s posts was quoted in a Vice article as an example of things “males” have said about Quinn; at least in that case, the magazine later amended the wording and posted a correction.

Anita Sarkeesian, Teleseminar Success Story

#GamerGate explained in five minutes or your money back

This seems to be accurate. If it's not, let me know.

Frank Frazetta: Graveyard Dancing

via The Pictorial Arts: Graveyard Dancing:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gawker makes The Sun look like a bastion of integrity

It's almost worth reading How We Got Rolled by the Dishonest Fascists of Gamergate to watch the art of hypocrisy in action. I can't remember when I first noticed that Gawker was a tabloid rag with a social justice rationalization. Ken White is dead on in Ten Short Rants About #GamerGate | Popehat:
There's also the feculent two-faced pack of scribblers at Gawker Media. Gawker Media, through Kotaku and Gawker and Jezebel, is consistently outraged at the misogyny of #GamerGate, and has retreated into pearl-clutching couch-fainting at the attacks it has recently endured on its own work. But Gawker Media loves feminism like a glutton loves his lunch. Gawker poses as high-minded for the outrage clicks, then returns to its cash cows: self-righteously promoting revenge porn, ridiculing women based on their appearance, paying sociopaths to describe the pubic hair of women they don't like, gleefully outing people, shrugging at systematic harassment of its employees, leering at hacked nude pics, and generally being about as progressive as a late-night advertisement for Schlitz. If you rush to Gawker Media's defense because it's #GamerGate who is attacking them, aren't you being a useful idiot?
I never expected to say anything good about The Sun, but they don't pretend to be anything more than what they are. I stand by what I said a few days ago: "Gawker should be called Mocker. It's designed to appeal to the worst in people who want to think they're the best. "

ETA: Douglas Lain has a phrase I love for people who share many of my goals and few of my tactics: "the Gawker left".

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ten Short Rants About "Ten Short Rants About #GamerGate" at Popehat

Context: Ten Short Rants About #GamerGate | Popehat

1. 95% Of Label-Based Analysis Is Bullshit.
True, and yet we continue to talk about Democrats and Republicans, men and women, totalitarians and libertarians, because bullshit labels are useful. It's convenient to say "two" instead of "one plus one", and when we say "two", we do not imply that both members are identical. When we talk of World War II and the Allies, we can still tell the difference between the US and the USSR.

2. Timing Matters. So Does Your Chosen Vehicle.
We rarely get to choose our timing or our vehicle. Opponents of movements always suggest that a different time and subject would've been better. Should the rioters of Ferguson have waited to rise up over someone who was not a strong arm robber? Outrage breaks when it breaks.
As for White's example of lists of demands for ethics reforms that he characterized as "suspiciously like "apologize for hurting my feelings and only report on the things I want"", they're really not that different than the SPJ Code of Ethics, which covers the initial problem regarding Zoe Quinn and Nathan Grayson: “Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived.”
Moreover, what White characterizes as a unified GG demand was a comment linked to on reddit, where it only got 19 votes and 7 comments.

3. People Are Going To Say Things You Disagree With, And You Need To Get A Fucking Grip About It.
People only say that about their opponents because it's a two-edged sword. The anti-GGs have no more right to complain about the GGs than the GGs have to complain about the antis.
People criticize Anita Sarkeesian for the same reason they criticize Jack Thompson and Frederic Wertham: it's a free world, and you can criticize your critics. That's doubly true of people like Sarkeesian and Tim Wise, who profit from preaching their facile understandings of power.

4. Live by the Sword, Die By The Sword.
Yup. My disagreements with SJWs have always been about tactics, not goals.

5. Your Insult-Parsing Is Bullshit.
Yup. Either insults are fine, or they aren't.

6. The Enemy Of Your Enemy Is Not Your Friend.
True. But the enemy of your enemy is often your ally, for better or worse. The Nazis needed the ACLU to march in Skokie.

7. The Media Is Usually Banal, Not Motivated Enough To Be Conspiratorial, And Not Your Life Coach.
Yup. And so far as I can tell, every group creates its own echo chambers as alternatives. Goodgamers was a reaction to the warriors' media sites.

8. Women, Minorities, and LGBT People Are Not Magic.
Indeed. White completely misunderstands the purpose of #notyourshield: the tag exists to refute the talking point that only white men are part of #gamergate. If anyone's claiming those groups are magic, it would have to be the white warriors who insist women, minorities, and LGBT people are on their side.

9. Stop Trying To Be A Special Snowflake.
"Special snowflake" has to be the all-purpose insult, because it only means that you think you don't need to conform to the group that's calling you a special snowflake.

10. On Threats.
SJWs love their threats as much as their opponents do. I first noticed that with The Outing of Zathlazip.

For anyone who doesn't think video game journalism has had an ethical problem for years

This is the opening to an article at Forbes written two years ago: "The problems facing gaming journalism and the gaming industry have been going on for years. A look at the state of the gaming press in 2012." It's from All The Pretty Doritos: How Video Game Journalism Went Off The Rails. Thanks to MosesZD in the comments at my previous post.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dance video: Drake Ft. The Weekend "Trust Issues" remix/by: Mike Peele

Jack Thompson's tits, possibly my last word on GamerGate

I've been much too active in the discussion at Oh, Jesus Fuck, Now I Have To Talk About #Gamergate | The Dream Café, but it did help me hone my thoughts. For anyone who doesn't want to wade through the whole thing, this was probably the only thing I needed to say: "Really, did gamers hate Jack Thompson because he had boobs?"

I continue to be unsurprised that the warriors ignore the misdeeds on their side. Four women and a black guy who have been doxxed and harassed by anti-gamers got together to make From GamerGate to UNICEF | Indiegogo. They've passed their goal of a $1000. As for the notion that gamers support bullying, they've raised over $16,500 for PACER Center National Bullying Prevention GamerGate Charity | Lo Ping's Fundraiser on CrowdRise.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Two interesting tweets from #gamergate, Felicity Day, Popehat, and more!

I don't follow Gamergate closely for many reasons, and was thinking I would stop today. Then I saw a couple of tweets early in my feed that reminded me it's a much more vibrant affair than its opponents claim. The following aren't meant to be "best", they're just evidence that stories are never as simple as opponents think.

Also, something I've been thinking for ages: Gawker should be called Mocker. It's designed to appeal to the worst in people who want to think they're the best.
This is the conclusion to The Only Thing I Have To Say About Gamer Gate | Felicia's Melange:
I know it feels good to belong to a group, to feel righteous in belonging to a cause, but causing fear and pushing people away from gaming is not the way to go about doing it. Think through the repercussions of your actions and the people you are aligning yourself with. And think honestly about whether your actions are genuinely going to change gaming life for the better. Or whether they’re just going to make someone cross the street away from you. And away from something, ironically, that we both love.
She's addressing the GG crowd, but it could as easily be to the anti-GG folks. There's viciousness and self-righteousness on both sides. Both sides get death threats. Both sides get doxxed. People on both sides characterize the other by the worst that a few of them do. The ironic bit is she speaks of driving people away from gaming, but the anti-gamergate people are the ones who denounced gamers as a group, turning a small flamewar into an enormous one. It's a culture war, and from what I've seen of culture wars, warriors fight, but their fighting is ultimately irrelevant.

I'm a left-libertarian and ClarkHat is a right-libertarian, so I disagree with some of his interpretations, but I agree with the broader strokes of his analysis in Gamer Gate: Three Stages to Obit | Popehat.

Body cameras can vindicate cops, too - The Washington Post: "When Frazier ordered Griego to step out of the restroom, she began accusing him of sexual misconduct. "

A leftist critique of social justice warriors: #BringBackOurDiscourse | Orchestrated Pulse

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

LiarTownUSA has a social justice kitten calendar

It's hard to pick a favorite from the batch at LiarTownUSA - LiartownUSA has always celebrated ONLINE SOCIAL.... Since their images are in groups of six, here's one pic. Click the link for the other. They deserve the google juice.

Rebutting feminist SJWs: a linkfest

At NPR: '80s Ads Are Responsible For the Lack of Women Coders - Slashdot, the Anonymous Coward left a fine linkfest. I haven't checked them all, so I might very well disagree with some, but in general, it's a nice example of using facts to rebut dogma. Which is why it doesn't convince identitarian feminists, of course—dogmatic folks don't give a damn about facts.
Egalitarianism []
Wage gap myth:
The Wage Gap Myth []
Female U.S. corporate directors out-earn men: study []: The only chairwoman in the FTSE 100 index of biggest British companies, when asked about government efforts to force companies to make at least 25% of board member to be female said: “there’s no real evidence to suggest women being on a board makes the companies any better – what we’re doing here is forcing an experiment.” This was further supported in the book “Why Men Earn More” by Warren Farrell, Ph.D., examined 25 career/life choices men and women make (hours, commute times, etc.) that lead to men earning more and women having more balanced lives, and that showed how men in surveys prioritize money while women prioritize flexibility, shorter hours, shorter commutes, less physical risk and other factors conducive to their choice to be primary parents, an option men still largely don’t have. That is why never-married childless women outearn their male counterparts, and female corporate directors now outearn their male counterparts.
Women 'opt out' of career success []: Farrell also lists dozens of careers, including fields of science, where women outearn men. Women simply have more options than men to be primary parents, and many of them exercise that option rather than work long, stressful hours. That is why 57% of female graduates of Stanford and Harvard left the workforce within 15 years of entry into the workforce.This is an option few men have (try being a single male and telling women on the first date that you want to stay home).
‘Sea change’ seen in spouses’ financial roles []: Blaming men for women’s choices is unfair. In fact research shows most men have no problem with their wives outearning them.
Survey: Working dads want more family time []: Research also shows most working dads would quit or take a pay cut to spend more time with kids if their spouses could support the family.
More parents share the workload when mom learns to let go []: Research also shows that parents share workloads more when mothers allow men to be primary parents.
Is the Wage Gap Women's Choice? []: ABC News: “Is the Wage Gap Women’s Choice? Research Suggests Career Decisions, Not Sex Bias, Are at Root of Pay Disparity”
“Rape is not the “epidemic” that people are trying to claim it is.It has actually decreased dramatically in the past few decades []-up to 80% since 1979 [],despite an increase in the willingness of victims to report them. This is even further supported bydata directly from the U.S. Bureau of Justice [].
When the Innocent Plead Guilty []
40% of rapists are female []1 []
Men want protection against false rape allegations.They feel that a man’s life should not be ruined simply on the allegation of a woman who may be a vindictive liar. Currently, a woman can accuse a man of rape for no reason, and the man’s name is splashed in the paper and his life is ruined. So, they fought for laws granting men anonymity until charged with the crime of rape—not convicted, just charged.
Feministsfought against this [], causing it to fail. Also seehere [], the London Feminist Network campaigning to defeat the proposal.
Men want an end to the justice system favoring women simply because they are women, and giving men harsher sentences simply because they are men.
Feministsfought against this [], arguing that no woman should be sent to jail,even women who had murdered multiple people[].
Men want equal treatment when victims of domestic violence, and to not be arrested for the crime of “being male” under primary aggressor policies.
Feministsfought against this []by trying to suppress evidence showing that half of domestic violence is done by women, by threatening the researchers with bomb threats, death threats, etc. Modern, younger feministsare doing it as well [].
Men want female rapists to be arrested, charged, and convicted with rape.In Western countries, women are rarely punished when raping men, due to the biased legal system. In some countries, womencannotbe punished when raping men, since rape is defined as a male-perpetrated crime.
Feminists fought against this inIndia [], arguing that “there is a physicality [in] rape” and that it would make things “more complicated for judges.”
Feminists fought against this inIsrael [], claiming that changing the law would result in men filing false rape claims.
Men don’t want to be thrown in jail because they lost their jobs and temporarily cannot pay child support.
Feminists fought against this,trying to lower the amount to $5000 []before a man is guilty of a felony for not paying child support. If a man loses a decent-paying job, he will now be a felon, go to jail, lose his right to vote, AND be unable to find future jobs—if he cannot regain an equal-paying job within a few months.
Men want equal economic support and help from the government.When the recession hit, male-dominated fields like construction lost millions of jobs, while female-fields like education and healthcare gained jobs. So the government proposed an economic stimulus for those fields.
Feminists successfully fought against this, arguing that it was discrimination to support men, and caused the government to give money to women who didn’t deserve it. []Hundredsof professional feminists complained against the “sexism” of helping men (who had lost jobs) and not women (who had gained jobs).
A representative of the Michigan National Organization for Women testified in opposition to theRevocation of Paternity Act [], which stopped the old law which stated that if a woman was married and cheated on her husband, the resulting child is considered to be legally the husband’s and the biological father had no legal rights to fight for custody or parenting time with his biological child.
In 2008, a law was passed in England and Wales that allowed long-term domestic violence victims who killed their abuser to be charged with the lesser charge of manslaughter,but this only applies to women.
In California and Montana, a woman can name any man she likes as the father, he gets a letter in the mail,if he does not prove heisn’tthe father within 30 days he is now the father and must pay.He cannot contest it. And DNA tests to prove paternity are not considered proof by the courts.
Women who falsely accuse a man of rape, who would be sent to prison for 10+ years if convicted, only gets fined or a slap on the wrist.
There is also the gender biasin theProbation Departments:
A higher score on the Probation Assessment Tool (PAT) means a recommendation that could lead to eventual dismissal of charges. A lower score means probation or lockup, not to mention the juvenile delinquent tag. [Judge]Hunt claims PAT routinely rewards girls with 14 extra points for gender alone, while boys get 0.
Then there are studies that showwomen who fail to pay child support are incarcerated only 1/8th as often as men with similar violations.
Feminists transphobia []
and more, and more []

Monday, October 20, 2014

Four points about Benjanun Sridankaew, aka RequiresHate

1. She's been a perfect example of the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory. People say Sridankaew's a lovely person.

2. She may want to stay away from the UK: Internet trolls face four times longer in jail, Chris Grayling pledges

3. The reaction to her has divided scifi's social justice warriors into two camps. Those who oppose her, like Ann Somerville, are racists; those who support her, like K. Tempest Bradford, are rape apologists. Seeing them turn their rhetoric against each other amuses me more than it should, but saddens me because I don't expect any of them to learn from the experience.

4. She has apologized, but, as should be expected, her apology has been found inadequate by her critics. Whether she's trying to duck the worst of what she did, I don't know or care. It's not a bad apology: apologies and finality | Requires Only That You ಠ益ಠ. Give her a break and move on, says me. There's always more outrage to be had on the internet.

ETA: Her alternate apology is here: The things that we do: on mistakes, on apologies | A Bee Writes.

The best Wonder Woman page and cover ever?

Yes, I'm setting the bar high, but how can you beat this?

If I was working for DC, I would pitch the return of Marya the Mexican Giant.

You can read the whole short story at Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine: Number 1646: Wonder Woman’s hot feet. Here's its cover:

Saturday, October 18, 2014

If you're trying to keep up with the BS about BS (aka RequiresHate)

azarias | Winterfox/RequiresHate/Benjanun Sriduangkaew roundup post

My take hasn't changed: If she has any regrets about how she's behaved pseudonymously for years, she should apologize. Most people will give her the chance to show she's grown up.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A clarification, because Nick Mamatas does not do nuance

I was following a trail of twitter crumbs about Sarkeesian and Requireshate when I stumbled on one of Nick's tweets:
I replied:
For too many people, there are only two possibilities. Sometimes I grow very weary of the Horatios of the world.

ETA: I "believed women" until Tawana Brawley taught me that humans are humans, and your standard of belief should be the same for everyone. The current crop of SJWs ought to have learned the same lesson from Genesis Hernandez.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Death threats by feminists: attacking Erin Prizzey

Erin Pizzey:
Pizzey says that it was after death threats against her, her children, her grandchildren, and the shooting of her dog, all of which she states were perpetrated by militant feminists,[16][17] that she left England for North America. She returned to London in the 1990s where her insights were sought by politicians and family pressure groups.
There's more about her at The Men's Rights Movement and the Women Who Love It | Mother Jones.

Real Rape vs "Rape Culture" (Featuring Lena Dunham!)


seven problems with "rape culture" theory

pragmatists vs ideologues: on rape culture theorists and Jim C. Hines

Class trumps race in 1885: Amanda America Dickson

Class Trumps Race in the USA Today: 9 Examples

The important bit about Anita Sarkeesian's decision not to talk

Toronto-born feminist cancels speech after threat of mass shooting | CTV News: "The university consulted with federal and state law enforcement and had determined it was safe to go ahead with the presentation."

I'm sorry to have to say this, but it sounds like her decision has more to do with publicity than safety. Under those circumstances, I would go ahead and talk, even knowing that I would get less news coverage and fewer donations from my fans if I did.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Online rape threats to women come from women, too

Fed Up With Harassment, Author Reveals Her Cyberstalker : NPR: "The normal is 3 to 5 times a week. She'll go on a string so ... I'll get 20 messages you know, in a day. And they range from really, really, really graphic rape threats to really graphic death threats, to threats of both of them at once."

Monday, October 13, 2014

Explaining the public record to Mary Dell

I'll start by repeating the hard truth about the public record: once something's in it, it cannot be withdrawn.

marydell briefly posted this at "I'm swimming in it, I'm swimming out to you.":
Here's what YOU made a matter of public record, hypocrite. First you copied Caitlin Kiernan's statement about RH into your blog, and you've kept it there in its hint-filled glory ("As it happens, she's a somewhat celebrated new writer") even after CK took that section down. Then you added the crucial piece of information: 'If you want to play "Who is Winterfox?", the clues are that she's exactly who she claimed to be in her public posts, a writer from Thailand.' 

I guess you can say that you didn't doxx her because there are THREE Thai SF writers active in the field?
Here's the link to your own masterpiece of not-doxxing-anybody, until you edit it or take it down, anyway.
 I don't know if Mary deleted her comment or Kiernan did, but it doesn't matter; it was public, so a public response is appropriate, and I'm always happy to answer a warrior.

1. I didn't know CK took that down. If someone had told me, I would've taken down mine, too, out of simple courtesy. I suspect CK took hers down when there was still no proof that RH was BS, but now that Nick Mamatas has put RH's identity in the public record, I don't think there's any point in deleting what I shared then.

2. As for the "crucial piece of information", you fail to notice that this information was placed in the public record by BS herself in her role as Requireshate. If Batman made public posts in his blog about being a billionaire from Gotham City, I would hardly be outing him if I said, "Batman is exactly who he claimed to be, a billionaire from Gotham City".

And last, three questions for Mary: were you part of the doxxing of Zathlazip? Did you rebuke Coffeeandink, Sparkymonster, Tempest, or any of your friends for doxxing her? How is life with that beam in your eye?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Nick Mamatas made Requireshate's identity a matter of public record, but doesn't understand "public record"

See the comments at Dear Sweet Filthy World - "I'm swimming in it, I'm swimming out to you."

Tobacco Road: a must-have for any album about white trash

I was nine when the Nashville Teens' version came out. I loved it so much. I thought its power added to its insight. I still do. But now I think John D. Loudermilk's original 1960 version is better:


ETA Thanks to Daisy Deadhead in the comments, the Jefferson Airplane's version: