Sunday, November 30, 2014

And now I've read Ann Somerville's "Will Shetterly - the Mixoning"

What I said in the previous post is prob'ly sufficient, but I like to write, so I'll address a few points.

I'm amused that almost all of her claims are unsubstantiated. Anyone who thinks critically should note that it would be easy to provide screen caps of me saying things I'm supposed to have said if I had actually said them, because these people have been obsessive about screen grabs since at least 2007.

As for the few claims that have some documentation, some are simple matters of interpretation. By definition, members of a cult cannot grasp things in ways that do not fit the cult's understanding. For example, Somerville repeats the frequent charge that I have a class-only approach to understanding power, even though I have never said racism or sexism no longer matter.

The charge that I disproportionately criticize women and people of color when I criticize identiarianism is like charging me for disproportionately criticizing Russians when I criticize Stalinism. Identitarianism comes from the intersection of bourgeois feminism and bourgeois anti-racism--both Derrick Bell and Kimberle Crenshaw come from schools for the privileged where they developed ways to think about privilege that did not threaten their own privilege. By definition, bourgeois women of color are especially susceptible to identitarianism, so I have the choice of answering them or ignoring them.

Ah, well. Life's short, so that's probably enough about this. Still, if anyone would like to ask anything, ask away. Unlike Somerville's community, I don't ban people who deviate from a narrative I wish to promote. If you're afraid I'm a bogeyman, use a pseud. I really don't have some magical power to learn who you are. I was only able to "dox" Coffeeandink because she used her name in public posts on her blog. If you avoid that, your identity is safe from me, honest.

P.S. I'm having trouble following Somerville's logic about her attempts to out the people behind Stop The Goodreads Bullies. So far as I can tell, Somerville is admitting to doxxing or trying to dox the owner(s), because when I visited STGRB a couple of years ago, the posters there were pseudonymous.

Just did a Google Advanced Search for the person Somerville is trying to dox at and found this denial. It looks like Somerville's following the standard SJW practice of merrily doxxing anyone they disapprove of while roundly denouncing doxxing.

ETA: This just turned up in my twitterfeed:


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Warriors obsess over other people's metaphors, yet they often fail to examine their own. If one of their opponents had used an insult based on "twat", they would notice that it's a gender-based insult which suggests there's something wrong with having a vagina. So it goes.

Sigh, another day, another stalker, or Ann Somerville needs love

The first time I was stalked online by social justice warriors was in 2009, when Micole Sudberg, Mary Dell, and Julia Starkey when hunting through the internet to create Will Shetterly: DO NOT ENGAGE. It baffled me then: why would anyone go to so much trouble to cherrypick quotes to misrepresent someone? But I came to realize that's what social justice warriors do. It's not that they intend to lie. It's that they're incapable of nuance, so either you're one of the saved or one of the damned.

Now Ann Somerville has written Will Shetterly – the Mixoning. I think she's feeling neglected. She's a minor figure in the history of fandom's fails. I've mentioned her a few times:

Ann Somerville, SJW

oh noes! Ann Somerville is cyberstalking me!

Alas, I must blog again, thanks to Ann Somerville: More about doxxing, or, That was quick!

My understanding is she's a rich Australian with bipolar disorder who has gone out of her way to dox at least one person, but I could be wrong, of course. If she's addressed that, please mention it in the comments. I haven't read her "Mixoning" yet, so I may respond to it later. For now, the simplest response to any SJW fantasy about my life is A short autobiography by Will Shetterly.

Gandhi said, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." I suppose I should be flattered that they think I'm a threat, yet I'm no more a threat to them than a critic of Scientology is to L. Ron Hubbard's very profitable cult. I've always been the sort of idiot who thinks facts matter, and really, humans are just rationalizing animals. If SJWs truly wanted to make a better world, they would go offline and work to improve the lot of the poor. Instead, they rail at people like me who dare point at the limits of their conception. To believers, making converts and punishing heretics is all that matters, so all I can do now is sigh yet again.

I do wonder why people like Somerville want me to keep responding to them. If they would take their original advice and ignore me, this blog would be thick with cobwebs.

Well. Dear reader, I hope you're having a fine day, and if you want to make a better world, working for Universal Basic Income would be a nice way to start.

UPDATE:Doxxing in the name of social justice, with appearances by Skud, Liz Henry, Mary Robinette Kowal, N. K. Jemisin, and more!

Fandom's first major doxxing in the name of social justice was The Outing of Zathlazip in 2008. It seems the instinct to out people has not diminished since then. Two examples:
Xopher's intention to dox me is explicit in his tweet: "His name isn't on his profile."

Now, I don't mind being doxxed. I wanted to keep my general writing separate from my writing here, but I knew I was no more pseudonymous than Coffeeandink had been in 2009. Though I didn't identify this blog as my own, like Coffeeandink, I have used my name in public posts here when talking about my writing.

Which is to say that by the standards of people like the writers at Geek Feminism who claim I doxxed Coffeeandink, I was pseudonymous, and now I have been doxxed.

I sometimes wish someone had listed all of Zathlazip's doxxers. I was amused to note that Xopher's attempt to dox me was favorited by Liz Henry, the first person who doxxed Zathlazip. I can see the argument that favoriting is only approving of doxxing; it's not taking part in it, so I won't bother mentioning anyone else who favorited doxxing me. I'll only list the current would-be doxxers who joined in the attempt to out me:

For people who don't want to use the scroll bar above, here are Xopher's listed retweeters: blueXenologer, SJ Minion, auuaupe, SonomaLass, Fiadhiglas, Jacqueline Gross, Mary Robinette Kowal, N. K. Jemisin, Alice NotMorgan, Suzi Steffen, Alex Skud Bayley, anat, fidelio, Baroque Owl.

I'm especially amused by the people who "asked not to be shown in this view". Doxxers often want to keep their identities hidden, probably because they know that what they are doing is wrong, even if they think it somehow contributes to social justice.

The most surprising retweet was by Skud, who has often written about the importance of pseudonymity. One example: Hacker News and pseudonymity | Geek Feminism Blog. I look forward to someone adding Skud's name to Geek Feminism's wiki post about outing.

When I called Xopher on his attempt to dox me, he equivocated:
The "might" speaks for itself. He didn't ask whether it was a "big deal" to me; he simply followed his impulse to out me.

For anyone unfamiliar with my writing, I'll repeat something I told him: I'm not a crusader against social justice. I love social justice workers. It's the hate-filled tactics of social justice warriors that I and so many people oppose. If you find any evidence of any social justice warrior treating their opponents with love and respect, as social justice workers like Dorothy Day always attempted to do, let me know.

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