Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Basic Income would bring a new creative renaissance

Within a few minutes, my web-surfing brought me to three things:

At 2014: Some (Honest) Publishing Numbers, and (Almost) Throwing in the Towel, Kameron Hurley talks about the astonishing amount of promotion she does for her work.

At Business Musings: Things I Learned (Or Relearned) in 2014, under the subtitle "Success Costs Money", Kristine Kathryn Rusch writes, "Those investments I mentioned above, those wrong roads? Sometimes they happen because people like me try many roads and experiment and take chances. Those chances cost money too, but they always have a good return on the investment."

At Basic Income and it's Effect on Video Game Kickstarters, eightbitbeard says, "A basic income has the potential to usher in a new creative renaissance unlike anything the world has ever known. "

There are truths about art that are rarely discussed in polite company, and this is one: For most of history, making art for a living has been a privilege of the middle and upper classes. We go to the expensive schools where we learn the fashionable techniques and make the connections that will advance our careers. We can spend money on things that might help our careers and know we're not risking homelessness when we do. This is not to say we don't work hard—many people who benefit from lucky births work extremely hard (though they usually fail to realize that the opportunity to do their form of hard work is a great privilege). It's only to say that if you love art, you should love the opportunity for more people to make it.

Basic income doesn't level the playing field. But it gives people a chance to play who currently can't afford the uniform or the training that would let them on the field.

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